Top 5 Best Business Startup Ideas For 2019

business     |     Apr 19 2019


Those who are planning for the startups already have an idea about which niche they want to enter in but if you have good capital and want to invest it in your startup but not sure which startup would be the best for a good return then here is the list of top booming startup ideas –

1] Online MarketingAgency

Online marketing [also known as digital marketing] is a booming industry worldwide. Time has gone when an only business with huge capital could advertise their business. Now Even a small business can advertise their business online with the help of digital marketing with a very limited budget. Not only small business but also huge and well-established business use online marketing with their traditional marketing. Why companies prefer online marketing is that they can find their target audience easily on the internet as most of the people spend more than half of their time on the internet.

Source –

However, one of the benefits of the startup in online marketing [which will include search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc.] is that you will not require huge capital. You will just need is a website, an office space, few laptops/computers, the Internet and active team that’s it.

2] Software/website designing and development

There is a popular phrase by Paul Cookson – “Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.” Nowadays every business, whether it is a small business or a well-established business, private sector or public sector, everyone needs a website and this creates a huge demand for IT industry.

Source – Gartner

From the above chart, it can be seen that IT Services is increasing continuously from 2016 in India. Although the competition in the IT Industry is huge still it’s a great industry for the startup because the IT industry has a great scope at least in this upcoming decade.

As a startup, you first have to decide your services i.e., if you just want to make a website or you want to develop mobile applications or both. Then, on which platform you want to work on i.e., PHP, Java, WordPress, Joomla,  .Net, Python, Open Cart, etc. However, many companies modify their platform as per the requirement of the selected project.

Just like online marketing, Investment may not need to be huge for starting up an IT company. However, you can upgrade and expand in the future if your business is doing exceptionally great.

It is suggested that before spending on the startup of the IT Company, you can freelance first to get a better experience and to handle clients individually.

3] Online Coaching

Online coaching is another booming industry worldwide. The rapid increase in internet users gives a great opportunity for new startups.

The benefit of online coaching from the students/learner perspective is that they can learn anytime, anywhere and they can record the tutorial for the future. A benefit of online coaching from the Training instructor point of view is that he may not require to spend on an Infrastructure; He/she will just need a small room, camera [mobile camera may also work fine] and of course talent.

Online coaching also requires minimum investment just like the above two mentioned points. If you start getting the great response you may need to upgrade [completely optional].

4] Fitness Center

People nowadays are aware of the importance of fitness. They tend to spend a good amount of time on their fitness which gives a great opportunity for those who are planning to start their business in this industry.

First of all, you’ll have to decide a location for your fitness center; in this industry, the location matters. Then you’ll have to choose the type of fitness center you want to start. There are multiple types of fitness centers available and you have to choose which center you want to invest in. Some of the types of fitness center are as follows –

  • Aerobic Centers
  • Yoga Centers
  • Dance Centers
  • Pilates Centers
  • Gyms
  • Sports centers and so on

However, this startup may require huge capital as compared to the above-discussed startups. Here you will have to invest in the following-

  • Commercial property/space
  • Equipment
  • Marketing [because this industry has huge competition]
  • Well experienced staff etc.

Investment is huge but if implemented with proper planning then return may also be huge.

5] Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next booming industry. Artificial Intelligence is transforming every walk of our life. Every business owners now want to integrate AI into their business. AI is present, AI is the future.

Source – Grand View Research

From the above statistics, it is clear that the AI industry is going to grow rapidly in the future. So investing in AI is an excellent idea.

The below image can help you to finalize the type of AI you can invest in

Again, the capital required for the investment in artificial intelligence is huge but the return is also huge as it has greater scope in future.

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