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16 Sep 2019

3 Ways to Transform Traditional IT with Cloud Computing

Software and technology are emerging on a daily basis. The use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning is transforming traditional IT systems in a more advanced and innovative way. Usually, businesses are aware of artificial intelligence and its impacts. But they don’t know what cloud computing can do for a business.

Multicloud and quantum computing are some advance terms of cloud computing. Whatever is the size of your organization, you can gain many benefits using cloud computing. One and most common benefit is, using cloud will reduce your cost for servers. Not only this, but it will also increase security. Many services that are very expensive to install on-premises, the cloud can provide these for free or at a low cost.

Here  sharing three ways in which cloud computing can transform traditional IT systems into advanced ones

The Option of Kubernetes:

Among the well-known clouds, Google cloud is the most famous. Companies who have IT experience, Kubernetes is a good choice. Containerized applications can be grouped, scaled, deployed and managed in a much easier way with the help of Kubernetes.

Companies that are not specialized in IT services can manage a cloud server easily if they are using Kubernetes. Kubernetes has the ability to grow with the pace of business. Its design is open-source. This open-source design provides tools to build an advanced system that works specifically for an organization. This system includes batch execution, streamlining management of data, utilizing company resources in an efficient way and many more.

Every IT person can’t work with the Kubernetes. So here comes the scope of certified specialists. Individuals with specific certification can work and gain benefits of Kubernetes. A business should only hire a certified person to deal with it.

Multicloud Systems:

Working on a single cloud in an organization is the thing of the past now. Now organizations are using multi-cloud systems. These systems allow organizations to provide separate clouds to individuals according to their needs.

Multicloud systems are becoming more popular in 2019. Due to many security breaches and the use of artificial intelligence for fraudulent activities, organizations and authorities are taking strong measures to secure user’s data. An organization can have more control over their employees with multi-cloud systems.

Dealing with the cloud is not an easy job itself. If your organization is working with multi-cloud systems, you need personnel who is expert in working with the cloud. As an individual, you should minimum have AZ-103 training and if you are willing to pass the exam to stand out of the crowd, the AZ-103 practice exam can help you in getting your certification.

Increase Competition:

In the area of cloud computing, the IT field is expected to surge. In 2018, half of the spending in the IT market was spent on cloud-based technology. This is not just an estimation, these were the results of a survey conducted by IDC. It is estimated that spending on the cloud will get more increase by 2020. Cloud is almost getting in every department of information technology, either it is IT infrastructure, software or services. The demand for the cloud is increasing at a very high pace. It is not due to the interest of individuals or organizations but it is the need for time.

Cloud companies are very competitive. It is very important for cloud companies to take strong measures for security. Data may become vulnerable and an entire cloud system could fall without proper security measures.

Coming in first should not be the goal of a cloud service provider but a company should create the best system. A system that can’t be compromised and can’t be cheated. Otherwise, it will create a massive security breach.

Final Words:

Changes occurred rapidly after the development or deployment of any system. This is not for a specific technology, IT is the name of change. Daily new technologies are emerging and many are getting obsolete. In the last few years, cloud computing has had a great impact. It will not stop. In the future, many changes will occur. Cloud computing has the potential to change the way of how information is shared. It can also change the way of business operations.

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