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Digital Marketing
15 Dec 2020

Improve Your Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Everything goes on the story. While just a few years back this sentence would have meant that whatever you do will eventually become a story you will tell your grandchildren about; today this would mean, better pictures needed because it is GOING TO BE POSTED ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA.

Within just a few years, Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have become a go-to name for anything that you might want to share- be it your trips, food, clothes, views, or even your big days like convocation, graduations, marriage, etc. While we were sharing our selfies, some bright-minded people started to endorse their brands and products on these websites. And there is a lot to learn from them.

Today everyone has a smartphone in their hands and they keep scrolling down the feed. This lazy action becomes a great business opportunity and you can definitely start your own brand story from here. Take the example of Amul India. The brand is a well-known household name and still every time you see the Amul girl on a newspaper/ Ad you end up looking at it and admiring it even more. Amul Topical has made it to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share not just its own story but news from around the world. This successful campaign ensures that the brand identity remains the same while bringing in new content for the brand.

Now think of any apparel brand you love- and it will be on Instagram sharing new collections, Instagram love sessions with famous people, and even massive give-aways. So what can you do to make sure your brand sells too like these people? Here are a few tips you can follow-

1. Choose a decent visual language-

your brand must be having a logo, a color theme, or an appearance that it follows everywhere. Make sure it stays the same on social media. It is easy to deviate from your path because of so many possibilities of filters and what not, but even if you use them, use them wisely.

2. Create a good first impression-

whether you are an old brand starting its account on social media or you are totally new, your first few posts are like invitation cards. Use the marketing tools of these social media apps to promote your first posts/ best posts.

3. Bring in famous people-

That is why they are called influencers because they impact many lives at once. Obviously, be wise enough to bring in people who are genuine and do not have a negative online presence. Make them use your product/services and ask them their opinions. Ask them if they can do a review for the same on their handle and there you are! Good to go!

4. Hold contests/ Give-aways-

people love to engage with something that seems fruitful or rewarding. You can do a quiz or ask for entries for a sort of competition and declare winners later. Make people tag their friends. This will make people share your quiz with their friends and naturally make your brand name known.

5. Share process-

If you have a manufacturing unit or people who do designs for your brand, make their videos, and share the process on your feed. This makes you look genuine to your customers.

6. Share details-

While you are sharing a product image or video of your product, write about details like material used, sourcing, making, and cost of it. This gives good nice information about what kind of services/ products you have and thus makes people trust your brand.

7. Communication is the key-

always add details like your contact number, e-mail ID, address, etc. So that it's easy for your audience to reach you. Add your Helpline number (if any) so they can contact you in case of any wrong deliveries, queries. And while you do this, make sure you remain active and reply to them.

8. Get creative-

Hashtags are a thing now. Come up with interesting and catchy hashtags that people can learn and remember easily. Use them on your posts and promotions every time.

9. Cross-promotion-

Every time you put up something new on your website, make sure you put it up on your social media too. Link accounts and keep them all updated. You can even bring in some surprise elements like - ‘Check out our Facebook story on 25th Dec to unlock surprise gifts’ or ‘click on our Instagram bio and get to know the person behind the brand’ to engage the audience with your every platform.

10. Be regular-

lastly, be active across all platforms. Selling a service or product means a salesperson being continuously active and telling people all the good things about your brand, only that the salesperson is a social media platform. Your page is your voice. Use it wisely.

Advertising and marketing on social media aren’t hard once you know exactly the language and participation hacks of it. Go through these tips and implement them next time you are posting online. Remember, social media is an informal space that you can turn into a proper formal setting and create a good audience.

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