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Digital Marketing
16 Jul 2020

Digital Marketing During Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 has affected every business in one way or another. Some businesses have closed because they couldn’t face the coronavirus outbreak and some of the businesses are struggling to survive. However, this uncertainty has changed the way businesses used to operate before the coronavirus outbreak.

Turning a bad situation into an opportunity is the only way for the businesses to survive this pandemic. This is the best time to start promoting your business online.

As there is a spike in total time spent on social media(as per Statista), it has also created the opportunity for the businesses to create brand awareness on social media and also to start generating leads (depends on the nature of the business).

Apart from social media, this is also the best time to start doing SEO of your website. As you know SEO takes time, starting with SEO immediately would help businesses to rank up pretty fast as the competitors currently may not be as active as they used to be before this pandemic. This will help immediately after your business starts again post COVID-19, you will be on the first page and you may land into more leads as compared to the time when your site was not ranking on top.

Why adopting new digital marketing strategy is important in the current pandemic?

Well, If you do want to survive in the market and want to come out as the best, you have no other option then adopting a new digital marketing strategy as per the coronavirus pandemic. As per the Main Street survey report, 7.5 million small businesses will shut permanently if business disruption caused by Covid-19 continues. That means, many businesses are finding it extremely tough to survive hence they are shutting down the firm permanently in the upcoming months. Chances are your competitors also could be finding it hard to survive.

There are firms that are laying off their employees and cutting down the marketing cost. You can use it as an opportunity to gear up your marketing. You can start marketing your business/product/service online immediately as this is the most cost-effective and high ROI oriented way of promoting your business.

You might not get lead immediately as the financial crisis is affecting almost everyone, but you can increase your reach and improve your brand presence with creative marketing ideas on social media platforms.

How can you use Social Media platforms in Coronavirus outbreak?

Every social media platform is unique in its way. Every social media platform is different thus strategy for every social media platform needs to be different. In the current global pandemic, you can use social media platforms to spread awareness about the COVID-19. This will not help you with leads but this will create a strong presence on social media.

Apart from COVID-19 safety awareness, you can also spread awareness about your business if you are uniquely providing services even during a pandemic.

Every business is different so a strategy for every business needs to be different. These above-mentioned points can help you plan your strategy.

Do you think there are other ways or some points that we include in this article? Write them below in the comment section.

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