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19 Apr 2019

Elements To An Amazing Web Design

Websites have become an amazing medium of business and social operations. In this world of technology, we have seen the number of websites to be increased but not every website makes it to the successful achievement of the purposes that are attached to it. The two main elements of the website are its functionality and design. The design is what people see and functionality is what they can do or have on that website. Here in this blog, we will highlight the essential elements of a web design that could make your website to give an amazing experience to the users.

1) Large and Unique Typography

Well, text or content is essential to be on the website and what you write on the website might provide the information to the user but how you write the same could impact the overall experience of the user. Thus, the very first thing that you should notice in regards to making contemplations on amazing web design is to choose the typography. When you go for large and unique typography it will make the users read and understand what you are trying to convey.

2) Responsive and interacting images

Visuals or graphical elements are the other most important element that could make you able to have an astonishing web design. The inclusion of the responsive and interacting images makes the interest of the users to be kept in the things of the website. The large and responsive images will let the user scroll through the website and get through everything you have stated. How about a website that only has text? Did you like the idea? Well, if you answered no to this question you exactly got the point stated above.

3) Background Videos

The world of design has gone far and now the world is seen animation throughout the entire business world. These animated videos are used to increase the conversion rate and the same could be done when it comes to web design. You can get to a video animation company to make some amazing animated videos that could serve multiple purposes on your website. You can keep the interest of users on the website to be kept high as well as you can make the contemplations on keeping them engaged and click-through can make them travel to different pages on your website. But here the video animation company has an important role to play and thus you should choose the same with great delicacy.

4) Relevant calls to action

Call to actions like free consultations, ebooks or whitepapers, free product forms, and such other things could be a great idea to be included in the website design. These should be strategically integrated into the website design to make the visitors to be converted into customers. Also, this way the conversion rate could be increased which is why these calls to actions are integrated on most of the websites that we see in recent times.

5) An attractive loader

More than 50 percent of the users close a website during the loading time and this is the element that is to be taken care of in order to make the users stay on the website. The loader when is random the loading time becomes frustrating and with amazing design or innovative ideas in the loader, you can make the contemplations on keeping the interest of the user to be kept high.

6) The limited but strong color palette

Colors are the first impression of anything in the visual and graphical world and the same is the case when its website. Colors could make an impact on the overall experience and thus while designing the website you must think about choosing the colors. Do not implicate every color but choose it wisely to make it look attractive as well as to make it connected to the brand. Have you seen the website of Facebook? It just implicates one color yet it makes the same to look attractive and represent the brand. The blue color theme has made the contemplations on making their representation to be created with the same colors and this is how they have made colors to be limited yet strong.

A website with a weak design is useless even if it has got great functionality and this is the reason people say that functionality and design on a website go hand in hand. If you want to make an amazing design for a website think how users think. This way you will be able to design something that makes their experience to be worth and the same will then contribute to increasing the conversion rate. You can also contact us, a website designing company that is an expert in designing SEO optimized websites.

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