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we follow to generate leads by google ads


Researching the best keywords

We research and list the best relevant keywords that get searched on a high volume for the ad campaign. The campaign performance is majorly dependent on which keywords are targeted. Relevant keywords can help display ads on the top of the result pages.


Selecting campaign objective

We select the best campaign objectives in order to achieve business goals. There are many objectives available for creating a new campaign, we need to select the objective that is required for the business like driving website traffic, lead generation, brand awareness, conversions, etc.


Targeting the relevant audience for the business

It is very important to target the potential customers for the ad, we filter and target the suitable audience demographics for it. For some specific campaigns like display ads or video campaigns, we set up ad placements on different mediums strategically to get the maximum click-through rate.


Setting the budget for the ad

We set up an accurate budget for the ad to get an optimum number of clicks. We target high-search volume keywords having affordable bid prices. We keep track of how well the campaign is performing in the set budget, this helps to see how the campaign can be improved too.


Optimize the ad format

The main priority given by the audience is to the ad group format used in the ad. If the ad format is not appealing or relevant, might get ignored. We make the ads relevant and catchy to target the audience, in order to reach potential clicks and to not get ignored.


Tracking campaign performance

We monitor and analyze the campaign performance & insights to get detailed reports. We actively track the campaign performance and edit the necessary parameters which can lead to improvements in overall metrics and click-through rate.

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