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06 Apr 2019

How to live stream games on YouTube

What is live streaming on YouTube?

YouTube is a good source to make money online but it takes a lot of hard work and good content which people will like to see. Creating fresh content on a regular bases will consume a lot of your valuable time.

But if you are gaming and loves to
play games then streaming games live on youtube has a new gaming trend online.

It will not take your precious time just
play your game and show it live to other people around the world.

Are you a successive streaming sensation? Don’t bet it—but you’ll still get in on the social fun of live streaming, and you don’t even would like a high-end vice computer or console to try to it. It’s amazingly simple to stream games right from your smart-phone or low-end PC many apps like YouTube vice and Mob crush, or to use an emulator on your PC or phone. All you will need is a fast internet connection and hopefully good skills in a minimum of one game.

YouTube Gaming

You don’t need to rely on third-party apps to stream your games on YouTube. YouTube has a separate dedicated app to stream your games. It is also available for PC and other gaming consoles as well as smartphones.

How to use YouTube Gaming?


  1. To use YouTube gaming on your Android device you have to first download the YouTube gaming app from play store.
  2. After downloading the app from the play store setup your account and other required info.
  3. Press the upload sign from the homepage of an app.
  4. After clicking you will see an option to record screen or to stream it live on YouTube.
  5. Click on the stream live option and fill the title and description box.
  6. Once you hit the live screen option everything you will be seeing o your screen will be seen by other people also
  7. YouTube Gaming app will show you the signal quality and the number of live viewers in the top ribbon of your screen.

After you finish your live gaming show the video will be saved in your account and people will be able to watch it later. However, you can anytime delete the YouTube video which you saved earlier.


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