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19 Dec 2020

8 key elements for an e-commerce website

The pandemic has affected everyone- from small business owners to big industries, from small farmers to retail outlets, from students to all the teachers. But even if everything seems to be falling apart this year, people have still held on to their growth factors and excelled even in these tough times. Likewise, with most people being at home, e-Commerce websites particularly have grown a lot. But what factors make your business stand out so that out of all those options, people still chose you over and over again? Read on to know 8 key elements that may help an e-Commerce website.

1. Good UI

A good flow in every website/ app is the first impression on your customer. The better and easy your site looks, the more user-friendly it is. Today people can spend their fortune building a business that is both visually appealing and useful at the same time. While in India, the eye for ‘good design’ is still developing, in the world market, UI designers are especially hired just to increase the sales stats. It isn’t hard to develop one, only good learning and experience can take you from zero to hero.

2. Product Details and Variations

People love to see the variety. Even if you have a basic thing that cannot/ doesn’t have too many options, try to put it up with things similar to it. One can try to make bundles/ packages that can be bought together at a discounted rate. This gives the customer a vision that even if she doesn’t choose one particular thing that she came in for, she still has many options to choose from.

3. Offers

we often get stuck on a product that is put up on sale. The feeling of urgency that envelops our decision-making process benefits the site directly. Offers do not have to be just discounted. They can be packages, gift options, coupons, or referrals. The only thing one has to keep in mind is that show your customer that these offers have actually been used by customers and thus, mention customer feedback.

4. Real-time feedbacks/reviews from previous customers

As said before, a good and promising feedback or review system builds trust for new customers. People many times rely on ratings and stars to choose from a variety.

5. Transparency

When there’s a movie about to come, we look for trailers, promos, etc. one thing that has been very famous these days with the presence of social media is ‘behind the scenes’. Why do we like them? Because they give us an insight as to how our favorite actors are in real life and what all one does to bring us a good scene. Likewise, people love to see the process behind your product. You can also choose to tell a story of how the product developed. This way, you bring the customer on the same page as you, they start to believe in your brand as if it’s their own!

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been always talked about. Optimize your website so that people see you on the top of the lists. This way it becomes more probable that one would visit your site. Just like many aspects of website development, a person can be hired who understands the flow and algorithm of the internet and thus help you make your website most relevant and sought after.

7. Set up Trust

Verification/ authenticity marks- This might come to use for those who are into jewelry, food, medicine, etc. Include options in filters where people can choose to buy only a certified kind of product.

8. No distraction

Today, minimalism is a trend. But even if the trend goes, one thing would always be appreciated and that is a clean clutter-free work-flow. Make sure when you are showing people a certain kind of product, they do not get distracted with ads or a promotional window of another product. Another kind of distraction could be a cluttered web layout. The site should look clean and yet engaging. From the landing page to checkout, make sure the flow is easy and hassle-free.

9. Contact easy

No matter how easy and hassle-free a site is, people might need help and would like to contact you easily. Obviously, you must have a contact page, but what becomes handy is a little ‘ask for help’ or ‘chat with us’ dialog box that one can find easily on any page. Create a chatbot, give it a name, a face, and voila! You have something interesting going on for your site that might become the USP for your business.

A good e-Commerce site is one where people would choose to come again and again, not just once. To build that level of trust and reliability among your customers, keep in mind that a few easy additions and upgradation in your existing sites would work wonders. 

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