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17 Apr 2019

Six essential things to know about event Success

In future iPad, Tablets and apps are most famous for events. If your planning is successful, you can add a tremendous amount of value in your events meetings.               

Below IPad Hire share some tips. Some things you consider if you plan and use them at your next event I hope your event is successful.

Over the last few months, we have attended many events that have used tablets, iPad and also apps like event apps on ambassadors with own devices. When they used he can involve in new and exciting ways. And we think this way is also be a source of distraction.

So here some points we feel are, and we hope it’s helpful and useful for your planning.

1. Not all Wi-Fi is the same

When you arrange and plan for an event, your venues provide you Wi-Fi and sometimes offer free, and sometimes they charged you. But the problem is Wi-Fi is good or not. Mostly Wi-Fi access is not designed with high devices and when you visit and check internet connection that time internet connection is good because of low usage. But when your event start and that time your 100 to 200 or 300 employees connect the Wi-Fi the internet speed down because of high usage and low devices density.

So please be careful when you are using venues Wi-Fi connection must talk to your venue technology provider and find out how it’s going to work.

2. Size does matter

Tablets provide many sizes like 9.7”, 8” 7” too so point is that which one is better for your event? If you want stream slides, then you will prefer big size like 9.7”. Also if you want to install kiosk information in your events, we recommend larger devices.

3. Here, there, everywhere

Many ways to provide dedicated tablets to your delegates. As with voting keypads. You provide inside the meeting rooms. The delegates leave the room when they want to go. Alternatively, you can give the tablet at registration, and he uses with them throughout the event. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The probably good idea is to discuss with your client and technology provider and select which solution is better for your event.

4. Getting Creative

Take advantages of the capabilities of the iPad or tablets. It’s not standard to use apps that the technology provider mentions. Ask them about creating some new custom apps for your events.

5. Take Note

Tablets allow making notes, and event organizer sends to rules and regulations. When someone forgot the rule and regulations, he can access and see the rule and regulations through iPad or tablets. IPad rental for events provides tablets services and event organizer use this service.

6. Managing Attendance

Some time event organizer use iPad, tablets and scan barcodes or QR codes using iPad camera or tablets camera for attendance. But we prefer to use NFC badges. NFC badges placed on an NFC-ready tablet. Interactive delegate’s management always provides best and attractive tools into an event.

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