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29 Dec 2020

These programming skills can land you into your dream job

Programming is not a new term for us. We have heard this a hundred times and even tried some basic simple stuff a few times. Every good website, application, or software is a result of a master programmer who knows what he is doing. The web programming industry has grown a lot in the last few years owing to the fact that the internet has grown too. Today websites are responsive and easy. The trend is not here to come and go but to bring in new possibilities for web developers. What can you do to add an extra something to your work that makes people always choose you over those hundreds of options?

1. Responsive Web

This means that a website or software developed in a way that it adjusts to different devices’ screen sizes, resolutions, etc. Develop a mindset where you analyze and understand the various pros and cons of your design. Whether a design is initially made to be a responsive one or not, it is your job to understand how existing websites and software can be made responsive. With the increasing number of devices and an increasing number of people using and owning a number of devices has increased these days. People want apps to function in every possible way and still be easy to understand.

2. Languages

Well, obviously this has to be there! Learn various languages that are used today like Java, C, SQL, etc. One can choose to also know the basics of software like Adobe Dreamweaver and XD, Websites like WIX, and Adobe Portfolio to know what people around the world are liking these days. Once you understand the zeitgeist and start to follow the language you are good to go. If you are stuck at home and willing to make use of some free time, you can opt for programming courses from sites like Coursera, Udemy, and EdX. You will find many people offering private tuitions for the same during this pandemic so why wait?

3. Complete knowledge

You can be whatever you want. Do not wait for anyone to come and hold your hand while you keep working on just codes. Learn all that is necessary to launch your work. Learn the back-end and front-end work. This way you will become self-reliant and even if you do fewer projects, you still will have the value of knowing everything added to your work to give you back in multiples. To know more about front end development, know what User Interface design means. Learn HTML. Know about SEO and make use of all this when you sit to code. This will not only give you knowledge but will also make your work perfect from every aspect.

4. Communication is the key

Once you have started to understand how things work, start to work, that is, implement your knowledge. It is always good to test yourself. Take a friend to start with for instance, and work on something you haven’t done before. Know what your customer wants, understand their style, make notes, and mood boards. This will give you an insight into what people like. For example, people would like to include chatbots in their websites, now how can you add a chatbot? Can you give it a name and make it a little more personal and user friendly? Ask yourself such questions and you will know what it would feel like to have a proper functioning and good looking website.

5. Jira Marketing

Originally created to solve certain issues, today Jira has developed as an independent system for marketing analysts and caretakers. One can know and understand how it can be used for their projects. It will not only save time but will also let you understand the kind of work you should do. It can be used by all- marketing, management, and software development.

6. Give a personal touch

All the successful people have one thing in common in their portfolios- a personal touch that makes a design their own. When there will be enough practice from your side, you will see that you have a certain inclination towards one particular thing. Be it a certain element or customization of properties, there will be one. The only thing that you will have to do after this is to identify what it is and improve it. It's like a signature of yours that you can show and boast about.

7. Problems are welcome!

No matter what we do, we will have some of other issues we got to deal with. There is no shortcut way or a way to avoid them but one can know how to handle them. While it is essential to stay positive while learning any skill, it becomes essential for you to remain calm and patient while learning coding skills. Increase your time management and keep up with new trends too. Meditate, think good about your hard work, and know that this is eventually going to pay you off well. So whenever there is an issue or problem that makes you think that things are getting out of hand, relax. Take a break and think about why you started. Knowing the right and wrong paths and making mistakes is part of that goal. It might be confusing sometimes while keeping in mind all the different languages and using them right, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Be a great programmer! 

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