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17 Apr 2019

Top 10 Business Skills to Master

Starting your own business requires lots of effort and determination. But there are many business skills that one should master for the stability and growth of the business. Here we look at the top 10 skills that every entrepreneur should practice and master.

1) Communication

Communication skills are the most important thing that one should learn when running a business. When you are great in the communication you can manipulate people to work upon your decisions. Also, while hiring a candidate for your business, communication skills can help you hire the perfect candidate. Communication with your clients can either make or break your deal. Steve Jobs wasn’t just creative or innovative he had great communication skills that made Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world. Many experts have claimed communication – one of the most important skills that an entrepreneur should learn.

2) Networking

Networking plays a key part in the growth of your business. The more networks that you have that can help your business, the faster the growth of your business. Networking is the must-have skill every businessman should learn. Asking better questions, paying attention are some of the attributes that help in making better connections with other people. Maintaining a professional network helps accelerate your business and thereby increases your business skills eventually.

3) Stress Management

Managing a business is very stressful and requires great stress management skills. There will be many situations where you will have to overcome stress and major disappointments that would require you to manage stress and find the path to a positive outcome. You can manage stress by being more organized, doing meditation or yoga, changing the mindset which will, in the end, benefit both your business and health.

4) Testing and Experimentation

One never knows the outcome of something until he tries it. Thomas Alva Edison failed 10,000 times until he discovered electricity. Trying and testing every possible outcome results in great innovation. Experimenting and testing smaller projects can lead to bigger positive outcomes which can thus help in business growth. Testing and validating will not only help in finding smaller faults but also increase strategic partnerships.

5) Talent Sourcing

Running a business cannot be done by a single person it requires a team that possesses unique qualities that can help you achieve your goals. Hiring people requires experience to differentiate between candidates. Choosing a wrong candidate can lead to stress, loss of profit and many other problems. Steve Jobs was very selective and chose only those candidates who were creative and innovative. Be smart and methodical while choosing the right candidates for your business.

6) Finance Management

Managing the finances of your business plays a vital role in the growth of your business and personal life as well. Managing finances requires various skills in Banking, Accounting, Analysis, Business Intelligence and many more. Lack of ability to managing finances can eventually lead to bankruptcy, regrets and might even lead to switching back to a full-time job. Practice meditation and discipline which might help in making decisions related to finances. Invest rather than spending which will create a backup for your business.

7) Negotiation

Negotiation is the skill that everyone uses in their day-to-day lives. But having formal negotiation skills requires experience and practice. Experienced people negotiate at the right time when it is required for concession; they are more likely to know what to say, what not to say or at what time to say for proper negotiability. The key thing to note is that there should be a win-win situation for both parties ensuring that your path leads to a more favorable positive outcome.

8) Leadership

Leadership skills are acquired by having a great amount of experience and business skills. Leadership deals with getting the things done via people. It requires great management skills that motivate the other people working in your organization to move towards a common goal. The key is to know how to have long-term relationships with employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders.

9) Marketing

Without Marketing, your business is unknown even if you have a great idea. Marketing requires great negotiation, leadership as well as communication skills which influences the customers. Digital Marketing is growing rapidly and many businesses are hiring digital marketers to increase their business online.

10) Time Management

Time is everything. Time should be managed extremely effectively and in a productive way. Learning Time Management can help your business grow and empower you to achieve more wisely. Get rid of the habit of procrastination that leads to delay and use your time more effectively.

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