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05 Aug 2022

Top 6 Programming Languages Currently In Demand

Human life revolves around technology as the world is evolving & expanding digitally. As technology keeps developing the rising demand for programming languages comes into the picture.

If you are interested in coding, still trying to decide which language you'd want to start learning, this blog will help you figure it out. 

We have enlisted the in-demand programming languages to learn in 2022 for a better career prospect.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that is most used today. It was initially used on the client-side only, however, now it is used for the server-side scripting as well. 

This language is used for full-fledged web development, developing mobile applications & for developing full-scale games in an external game engine or on the browser.

It has various popular frameworks such as Node.js, React, backbone.js, Angular, etc.

JavaScript has become the industry leader in software development, web-based applications, and even in building apps for mobile phones. 

2. Python 

Python is a top-tier all-purpose language used in web development, software development & data science, mobile app development & to build machine learning software too.

One major plus point for beginners who are planning to learn this language is that Python has a simple easy-to-use syntax & is easy to learn. It also has added perks of being open-source and an online community from which one can receive guidance to code.

Also, Python has a vast collection of tools, frameworks & libraries which make it a must in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. 

The importance of data in business has skyrocketed so much, that this has resulted in the popularity & demand for Python.

Statistics consistently show that Python language is the top choice of developers and a prime choice for clients as well. 

3. Java

Java is one of the oldest object-oriented programming languages, it still continues to be a relevant language showing no signs of decline in popularity.

Java is picked by most developers as their first programming language as it is relatively easy to learn, and it has highly efficient features like scalability, high security, robust memory applications, numerous libraries, etc.

When a code is written in Java once, one can run it almost anywhere, at any time, it can be used to create applications that can run on a single machine or can be distributed across servers & clients in a network.

Java is mainly used for Android App Development, Web Development, Software Development, in E-commerce & Finance sectors.

To learn java, you can refer to this link.

4. Go

Go or an abbreviation for Golang is an alternative to languages like C, C++, and Java. Go is used in many projects to support multi-threading and to run processes concurrently. It is used mainly in machine learning, system programming, and mobile applications. 

Go is one of the best programming languages in 2022 because of its features like speed, dynamism, and popularity as well as its ability to handle multicore and networked systems.

There is a constant need for simple and intuitive applications in the current market, and Golang is all about code efficiency, simplicity, speed, and security, to fulfill the demand.

This language is also not that difficult to learn and it is also important for aspiring developers to add it to their resumes to become a part of future-oriented web & app development projects.

5. C++

C++ has risen over the years to become one of the primary languages. This language is more advanced than the C programming language, it is used in software development, web development as well as mobile app development. 

C++ supports object-oriented programming as well as many other programming paradigms, this makes the language highly versatile. It is very compact & one of the fastest programming languages to exist.

It has a tremendous ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools along with tons of other features, this language is certainly going to scale up with time as it consistently holds a good position in terms of popularity.

C++ continues to evolve into an even better language with each version. 

6. PHP

It is a globally used server-side scripting language, especially suited to web development. Some of the functions that PHP helps to contribute are to managing databases and building dynamic web pages.

PHP is one of the simplest to learn languages, it also has great compatibility with other programming languages.

PHP is an extremely popular programming language and is a good choice for those interested in building dynamic web applications. It is also faster than other scripting languages and has powerful library support integrating various function modules for data representation.

There is a huge demand for PHP developers in the current market, although the language faces tough competition from JavaScript & Python. 


The demand for computer experts is increasing each day. Staying updated in the market while learning programming languages has become crucial for every IT professional & a trend among techies.

With so many programming languages available, you must have gotten an overall insight into which ones are in demand & could help you land your dream job. 

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