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Digital Marketing
22 Dec 2020

Use these content writing strategies to boost your organic traffic

Writing for your own website sometimes is a mind-boggling thing to do. Finding the right words and content that might draw people's attention as necessary as sugar in the cake. And let's face it, when we do something for our own benefit, we do make sure that we give in our 100% and it comes out to be the best. So what exactly should one do to ensure this happens? Here are a few tips you might follow to make your people stay on your website and give you a thumbs up!

  • Understand your audience

While we do make sure we figure out our target market way before starting our business, it is as much necessary to make sure that we do not deviate from that path. You might do a survey or engage with people on calls/ conferences to know what exactly do they like to see on your website. What is it that they would not like? Yes, ask negative questions to know exactly what you are missing in your present content.

  • Indulge in People’s feelings

While it might sound something only psychologists or love gurus would do, but trust us, knowing what is emotional and would make people feel a connection to, can make your great content. You might bring up old stories or experiences of your clients or even your own business story. Making relatable content is always exciting for both readers and writers.

  • Follow the PR rule

Have you ever downloaded an app or visited a news website that just tells you enough information without taking much of your time? Forget online modes, take the example of daily newspapers. The headline itself is so powerful that we get to know the news without even reading the full length of it. Then if you do read the main article, you will find that the first paragraph tells you exactly ho what when, and how of the news. Then the second tells you about the details of the first paragraph. The last few paragraphs are just additional details of it and one might choose not to read that and still won't lose a thing. That’s what you have to do. Build a Press Release strategy for writing and you will see the results.

  • Research Good

Have you ever seen a movie where things just don’t make sense? What do you feel about it? You get agitated right? That’s what good research would not do to your readers. When you know exactly what you are talking about, it's hard to make mistakes. In fact, a good fact-filled article would make your reader feel good about spending his time on your site and thus eventually will give you a loyal customer!

  • Accept flaws

No matter how much one tries, they might end up doing something wrong that would upset the readers. When you do one, make sure you accept it with a big heart and also apologize to your readers. Today, you might hurt someone’s thoughts/ believes / ideas / political views, etc, and not even know about it. That is why it is important to keep a voice that talks to everyone generously and sounds reliable in your writing.

  • Keep it simple

once you know your audience it is natural to think that no matter what you write they will understand it. While it might be true, but you have to keep in mind that new people are always welcome and they should want to read it and feel good, not read it and get confused. Use terms that are understandable by most people, be it a newbie or an expert. If you have to use something that cannot be broken down to simpler meanings, make sure to link it to a website that tells meaning- as you see on Wikipedia.

  • Use bullets

Not literally, but yes, do use points (bullet/numbered lists) to make it easy for anyone to get a gist of everything. Of-course you can then add short paragraphs to describe your points.

  • Maintain distance

this might sound like a notice board outside a government office would say, but as much as the spacing between people is necessary for this pandemic, good white space between your text/image, etc is necessary to make sure your site looks clean and engaging. Too much text at one go seems a lot of work and people might just go back to searching for things again.

  • Visually appealing

have you noticed the difference between a site that sells expensive items to a site that is local and made by some friend of yours? What is the difference? Visuals. A good landing picture or image might just do the magic! Include artist's works or your own work but make sure it is presentable. Even if you are using a stock image or just downloading a graphic from somewhere, the placement and context of it what makes it stand apart from the rest of everything.

So next time you sit down to write something, make sure you keep in mind some of these and you will definitely notice the difference. Happy writing!

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