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Digital Marketing
23 Jul 2019

Why SEO Experts Promote Simple Website Designs

Your website is the digital front of your business hence the design of it is really an essential thing to think about. An optimized website can drive a huge amount of business.

Complex websites have become the essence of yesterday and simple designs are the latest SEO trend.

We have listed a few reasons why keeping a simpler website design is a better idea.

Simple Design Does Not Date Easily:

The biggest problem of websites is that the design becomes outdated really soon and the updates are endless. This can become a really time-consuming job if you do not do something about it. Simple designs mean fewer elements to update hence your website really does not date quickly.

Simple Design Helps in Focussing on the Right Element:

The users who land on your site do not scan every word from it but they just glance at the whole site for a few seconds. Too many elements may confuse the user and they may fixate on the wrong elements rather than the one which is important.

Simple Design is Accessible Friendly:

With the growth of the internet, the number of differently-abled users accessing the net is also growing hence every website needs to abide by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to make your website accessible to everyone including the disabled.

Simple Design Loads Faster:

The lesser the number of elements, the faster a website hence keep your site simple so that it loads faster which makes it better for SEO and user experience.

Simple Design is Easier to Navigate:

Simple designs are clearer than too many elements on a website. The navigations are more distinct in simple websites hence better user experience.

Simple Design Increases Conversions:

Sites that are complex can get outdated soon hence the visitors may not trust the site and the conversion rates may become low. Simple websites are difficult to get outdated hence it is easy to develop trust amongst the user.

Simple Design Saves Time:

Simple sites are easy to build and also maintain hence you can concentrate on creating good content instead of focusing on the site.

Simple Design Makes Hosting Cheaper:

To maintain a website, the most expensive part is buying hosting space. Too complex designs occupy more space in the server hence you will have to opt for expensive hosting plans. Simple designs, on the other hand, are lighter hence you can easily reduce the hosting cost.

Simple Design Looks Professional:

A simple and clean designed website can impact the users better as they will have a better first impression of the site. The simple design also makes your website look more professional hence increases your chances of a growing business.

Simple Design Helps in Influencing Google Ranking:

A simple website is easy for Google bots to crawl through and this will improve your website performance. Simple websites are structured in an easier way hence low complexity can be beneficial to influence Google to rank your website better.

Simple Design Helps to Focus on the Content:

Too many elements on a webpage can distract you from the main content itself. Instead, make a clean and simple site which will help users to focus on the content instead.

Simple Design Improves User Experience:

Your website design should not reflect your taste but it should be as per what your users may like. A minimalistic design is always less distracting and more informative for the users. Easy navigations, high text contrast and more white space on a website can really improve the user experience.

Simple Design is Memorable:

Having too many elements on a page may distract the users and make it difficult for them to remember the most important essence of your site whereas keeping it simple and just highlighting the important part can make an impact on your users and they will remember the main element for a longer duration.

It does not matter what sort of business you are promoting through your website; the minimalistic design is preferred by all users and improves the conversion rate to a great extent. So, what are you waiting for? Start clearing your complex layouts immediately to be a success in your business.

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