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30 Aug 2019

WordPress for Business Portal: Top 8 ways to ample business opportunities

So, you must have tried every other platform for your business website. 

But, still, you are not contented! And, need the one that can create a fully-functional and professional website.

It is known that the website is the main depiction of your brand. Every enterprise business, organizations want to establish a reliable and scalable web presence to stay competitive. 

We have a solution to your problem. To make your website easy, faster and optimized, consider WordPress.  WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) to run and set up the business website.

WordPress has empowered 34% of the web and holds 60.8% of CMS market share. 

With its learning curve, versatility and flexibility, WordPress is the best choice for business. Earlier it was just a website for blogging, but now it has emerged a lot more than that and has appeared as a universal and bog platform.  One can embrace WordPress Multisite Development Services to fulfil the requirements of professional websites, blog networks, multiple domains, etc. 


You are still not convinced?

Let’s give you the top 8 reasons to ample business opportunities with WordPress

Support Responsive development

As the world is becoming mobile-friendly and users prefer to serve only that website which is responsive. And, does not surf the website again which is unresponsive. WordPress has plenty of themes that can responsive by default. The developers can select them accordingly either to use their designs on that responsive theme frameworks on WordPress or can utilize their tricks to maintain the responsiveness. 


WordPress is preferred over other CMS because it has several themes and plugins that can let you customize the website according to your requirements.  With its seamless functionality, you can easily edit the website content and you don’t need to pay to web experts to do that. You can create slideshows and video galleries in any form of content.

Supports multilingual and multisite functionality

Since WordPress 3.0 evolution, multisite functionality has been adopted. The customers can handle the composite needs from a single WordPress installation. It attains less overhead through server and time resources. Multilingual solutions enabling can be done easily. With plugins, like, WPML, you can manage the factors of deploying and translating content.


REST API attains the capability to change the platform permanently. It is regularly indulging in the software core.  It uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with which you can communicate with the developers in the remote network. With this, developers can develop, read and update the WordPress content from external applications or client-side JavaScript. 

Low ongoing cost

WordPress takes care of infinite needs such as hosting plans, free plugins, and themes, no licensing fees, etc. With this CMS, you will realize that over time you have saved a significant amount. The cost may vary for long term projects. But, the investment would be worth the time because of its scalable, versatile and flexible nature.

Broad support and adoption

WordPress has taken almost 60% of the global content management system market share. It has become one of the most popular platforms for 7 years. With its larger market, it gives support to your website and your company. Everyone now knows WordPress. It up to you to know how you train the support roles to have the results at a reasonable price.

Data ownership and control

Being a self-hosted and open-source platform, WordPress gives you the liability to have full control of your business website. You can switch hosting providers if you want to, no one will stop you from doing that. Whereas the other non-open source platforms confine you with the package they offer. You will lose the content if you want to change the host. 

Easy role management 

WordPress permits admin to manage different access levels for users with easy extensible user capabilities and roles.  The developers can utilize WordPress roles for covering general use cases and can enlarge them for handling customer requirements.


No wonders! WordPress is a powerful CMS for your business. It can indulge itself in every aspect according to your needs. We have highlighted some of the important parameters that can convince you to use WordPress for your business portal. 

Trust us! Considering WordPress to make your official website would be the best decision you can ever make for your company. 

Do share your thoughts with us!  Your one comment will be highly appreciated. Get in touch with us via comments and let us know if you have any queries and suggestions!

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